10 Mountain Biking Tips – Tuacahn Hotel Package

Mountain biking in Cedar City UtahPhoto Credit:Sheffield Tiger

Okay, so you’ve decided you want to become healthy and also to put some extra muscles on those gorgeous legs of yours. That is what we did recently on a trip to St George where we were able to take advantage of a Tuacahn hotel package. What’s your solution? Mountain Biking. Here are some useful tips for those of you who may want to take up this sport:

1. Own your bike.

Yes, we did not mean “buy your bike.” We said, “own your bike”. This means that after buying your bike, whether it’s expensive or not, you need to be familiar with all the aspects of your bike. Literally, your life is on the line when you ride your bike so choose wisely. It’s best to know all the quirks of your bike as well. Practice braking on both tires. What gear best works for this type of road? What seat position do I feel most comfortable in? Own your bike and own your life.

2. After getting a bike, get a helmet.

Needless to say, a helmet has saved a lot of lives. Or at least, lessened the pain of crashing. Pick those that feels comfortable on your head. Especially if you plan to go on long rides, buy a full-faced helmet if you plan to do downhill biking. Other safety gears like gloves for you to cushion a fall also aside from it giving you comfort, and sunglasses, and knee pads and elbow pads are also advisable. Bring an extra interior and pump as well.

3. Get used to your pedals.

Plant your feet on the pedals and try pedaling inside your garage first to familiarize the feel of the pedal on your feet. Remember that your feet and the pedals will be your constant companions.

4. Find a comfortable position.

Sit on your bike and pedal around. Your arms should remain slightly bent. Your seat height should be adjusted so your leg is about 70 to 90 percent extended at the bottom of every pedal stroke. Keep your body loose and relaxed. There should never be a situation when you should have your knees or elbows locked.xXx: Return of Xander Cage 2017 film download

5. Proper shifting of gears.

In riding your bike, make sure that you are in the proper gear. Higher gears are harder to pedal and will go faster while lower gears are easier to pedal and help you get up hills. Next, try to get used to what gears you need to be in to comfortably go up different pitched hills. As the hills get steeper, it is best to shift before you get to the hill rather than while you are on the hill. For us, this is key to biking.

6. Learn to pedal while standing

This may be useful when you encounter difficult roads. It is recommended to try this on higher gears when on flat surfaces and in lower gears when uphill. If you encounter a long climb alternate between riding in and out of the saddle for about thirty seconds at a time this will help you climb faster and more efficiently.

7. Where to look?

Always be aware of your surroundings. Look not at the bike in front of you but a couple of meters in front of you.

8. Join a local cycling group.

As much as possible, try not to bike alone. Try joining a local cycling group. Aside from acquiring new friends, other riders, especially those who have been biking for a longer time than you, can give you more tips about biking.Raw 2017 live streaming film online

9. Bring lots of water.

Hydration is also one of the most important things to remember when biking. Aside from providing you with extra strength and resistance, water can compensate for the liquid that your body is spewing out when biking.

10. Safety first.

Lower the volume of that MP3 player. It’s okay to listen to music but it’s also wise to be more aware of your surroundings. You may be the safest driver in the world but you can’t control the other drivers.

10 Tips to Improve Relationships between Drivers and Cyclists and ATV’s

Bike Lane At NightPhoto Credit:Bob Vonderau

Although we are passionate about mountain biking, probably on more than one occasion, we had to roll down a busy road with cars and expose ourselves to these unknown drivers. Similarly, while driving we may not like having a cyclist take up the whole road or ride erratic in front of us as we know how unforgiving a car can be. Similarly sometimes cyclists and ATV’s must share the trail as well.

Improving the relationship between drivers, cyclists, and ATV”s.

Before giving any advice, it is worth saying that this article is not an anti-drivers’ post. This is also not written to criticize anyone’s driving style or skill. This is simply to have a little more awareness to cyclists by those drivers who come across them daily, which includes us. As I recently spent some time doing at ATV tour near Zion National Park I’ve come to understand these tips apply for those as well.

Of course, as much as automobile drivers are required to follow traffic rules and drive safely, it is not helpful if riders do not apply the same standards. Traffic rules are the same for all and must be respected the same way. Some of the important traffic rules are:

  • Learning to share. A car driver may think that the road belongs to them, but nobody really owns it. Everyone has the right to pass and re-pass whenever they wish, provided they are in public roads. In addition, by law, bicycle is a vehicle and therefore must be treated the same way as cars.
  • Help drivers understand that although it may seem otherwise, cyclists actually help reduce congestion on the roads. Cyclists are equivalent to the reduction of time we spend in traffic because they do not take up road space. We just have to imagine that every bike is actually a car.
  • Watch the doors of the vehicle. In jams, narrow roads, or parking, it is helpful to look on the rear view mirror before opening the door of the car. Think that the amplitude of an open door exceeds many times the rate of speed of a cyclist, it would be highly dangerous for a cyclist approaching behind you.

Cyclists are very vulnerable. The car and the ATV that you are driving is a vehicle far heavier and more powerful than a bike. An impact between a car and a bike always constitutes a losing result for the two-wheeled vehicle. Current law regulates the driver’s insurance and is generally considered to be guilty in cases of crashes involving a bicyclist; this mirrors that of ATV laws. Likewise, a cyclist will also be considered guilty in cases of an accident involving a pedestrian. Caution for all is needed on the road.

The helmet is not equivalent to ensure safety. Clearly, wearing a helmet is worth it. The protection given by the same is of greater chances than to go bareheaded. However, that does not mean that a cyclist is less vulnerable than a driver of a car. The hull of a cyclist is designed to withstand the effects of an impact on the head at a maximum speed of about 20 km / h, and a collision with a vehicle obviously exceeds the strength of any helmet. Cyclists do wear helmets, but they are not invulnerable. ATV drivers have a lot of other things to consider, especially obstacles that may come up faster that expected. So please as a cyclist be aware of them as you will most likely hear them before they ever see you.

Patience and caution, the key to living together. 90% of cyclist casualties over the past years have been caused by inattentiveness or carelessness, firstly by drivers and secondly by cyclists. It is the responsibility of the driver of a car to avoid and prevent hitting a cyclist, not the rider to avoid being hit by a car. Both drivers and cyclists must pay attention and be alert to the presence of either vehicles. And avoid unnecessary risks to avoid endangering any party.

Overtaking, with enough room. When passing a cyclist, we must give the same space as you would a car. A cyclist might swerve a little to avoid a rock, pothole or other obstacle, or may suddenly suffer a puncture and fall. If you are too close to a bike, greater chances are that you would not be able to react in time to prevent the fall of the rider. Worse, an accident with greater consequences might happen.

Cyclists also have the right to move by rail. Bikes have the same right as a car upon taking a lane. It may seem a selfish act by the cyclist, but in reality, it is a guaranteed way to prevent hazards and accidents for the latter. We have to think that cyclists who occupy a lane do not slow us down, but are trying to maintain a safe area to avoid major catastrophes.

Drive slowly on roads of poor visibility. Normally, it is common to see cyclists on rural roads, circular roads, or mountain passes especially during the weekends. Bear in mind that at the next corner, you may see a cyclist, a car, a person or animal. Reduce the speed of the vehicle to reduce the risk of something unforeseen and unpleasant.

You have to test the bike! The best way to become aware of what it is like to be a cyclist on a road full of cars, is to experience the same for yourselves. That way, you can see that there really are careless drivers with very poor bagpipe. Cyclists can also be neglected, but usually, drivers are the ones who end up doing more harm.

As a conclusion, we must always remember that any kind of vehicle must always be treated with respect and caution, regardless of how big or small it is. In that way, there will be less accidents and unwanted events on the road both with cars and bikes, and ATV’s and bikes.

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