Tips for buying a bicycle

Spring time - bike time. You want to buy a (new) bike? The olle diamond or Hercules cucumber from the basement does not cut it anymore? My opinion: Bicycles can not be bought at discount stores, not in the hardware store or even on the internet. … [Read more]

Useful Tips for biking and cycling

Cycling is fun, healthy, increases stamina and you can see much of the area. However, there are also negative events and situations that must be avoided. My personal advice and experience from 25 years of cycling practice here in bike blog: First … [Read more]

Tips for Safe Cycling

Cycling is the ideal sport for many, especially seniors: It lightly burdens the joints that are not strong enough for jogging, can be performed at any level of intensity and is very healthy for the heart and circulatory system.¬†And last but not least … [Read more]

25 Magic Moments that Make us Real Cyclists

Photo Credit:Mike Baird We like bikes and go rolling down the mountain. We like to give-in to the pedals and feel our legs burning from the effort. But are we true cyclists? Like in life there are specific moments that mark a before and after in … [Read more]